Temps calme – 2012

This little « musical » is quite special, and is in many ways a performance. It was shot in less that two days. The cast includes 60 teenagers attending a summer class, their first on that thema.It was required not to disturb the schedule of the class. So we had to shoot, scene after scene, in two days. Gaël Lépingle, director and Julien Joubert, the music composor, have achieved a performance worthy to be underlined and acknowledged. They had worked together before, writing operas for children.

For this film, I’ve made a makeshift recording studio at the « holiday camp », to be able to record the vocal parts. I used a 788T Sound Devices recorder, two stereo KM 140 Neumann pairs, and an additional SURE SM 58. The musical is here shown in its entirety.


In a holiday camp, « quiet time » means a time to rest…

Technical specs

Produced by : La Musique de Léonie
Directed by : Gaël Lépingle
Camera : Gaël Lépingle
Music : Julien Joubert
Orchestration : Clément Joubert
Choir directed by : Marie-Noëlle Maerten
Sound (vocals and singing) : Arnaud Soulier
Sound (instruments) and mixing : Fabrice Ramos