Bonaparte, an egyptian perspective – 2008

That was the second time I’d worked with Jean-Marie Boulet. For this film, I used an Edirol R4 recorder, with a Wendt X2 preamp. For microphones, I had wireless G2 series Sennheisers with TRAM condensers, a KM150 Neumann , stereo XY Rode NT4s, and a pair of Oktava MKO12s.


Bonaparte’s expedition to Egypt, two hundred years ago, is often described as a « good deed » from the French post-revolution era humanism. But little is known about how this military occupation has been perceived by the people of Egypt. This event has set the blueprint for the forthcoming French colonial policy in Africa.

Director Jean-Marie Boulet helps us see this page in the history of French-Egyptian relationship through the eyes of the Egyptians, a perspective which is different from the one used in the French history books. This thorough investigation includes interviews with Egyptian historians and is illustrated with a very rich iconography.

Technical specs

Directed by : Jean-Marie Boulet
Produced by : Les films d’ici – France 5 – Réunion des musées nationaux
Camera : Jean-Marie Boulet
Sound : Arnaud Soulier
Editing : Eulalie Korenfeld

Poster Bonaparte an Egyptian perspective
Bonaparte, an Egyptian perspective