Porcupine – 2023

First collaboration with Nicolas Graux and second with Truong Minh Quy. The sound writing of this short film follows mechanisms close to a musical score. Great working time with those two talented young directors.


In an abandoned hospital on the outskirts of Brussels, strangers come and go while ghosts linger. Among the shards of glass, a young streamer performs a live sex show for an online subscriber. Under the same dilapidated roof, an old woman lights a fire and drinks her sorrows away in the room where her husband stayed until he died. A chance encounter between these two lonely beings will unleash a flood of memories and virtual data. But real-life connections are scarce, and mutual consolation seems a distant dream.

Porcupines are said to gather on cold winter days to share body heat with their fellows, but ultimately injure each other with their quills. How is it that our slightest attempts at intimacy so often see us retreating once more into solitude?

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Fiction – Drama – Short movie – 13 min – Belgium – Vietnam
Production : Dérives

Directors : Nicolas Graux – Truong Minh Quy
Casting : Truong Minh Quy – Nicole Bonew – Anne-Marie Loop
Cinematography : Thomas Schira
Editing : Truong Minh Quy
Sound : Thomas Ferrando
Sound Design & Mixing : Arnaud Soulier

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