Drowsy City – 2018


The unique story of a young man named Tao unfolds at breath-taking pace in the heart of a bustling city, a circle of hell harbouring abuse, crime and salvific revenge.

Slaughtering chickens for a living, Tao spends most of his time in close proximity with the birds which seem to be the only companions to his solitude. Until one day three strange gangsters come to hide in the abandoned building where he is living in, bringing violence, noisy drunkenness, bullying and a young prostitute. Turning for the worst, the situation will precipitate into a spiral of muted love and cruel torture to an utterly unpredictable outcome.

Original, at times disturbing and always captivating, the latest film by Luong Dinh Dung confirms him as one of Vietnam’s remarkable auteurs. From the choice of each beautifully composed frames, to strong visual storytelling and the striking bird’s eye view shots of the city – breathing spaces among the bloody cruelty of the slaughters – Luong’s talented mise-en-scene is as innovative as it is consummate. Definitely a talent to watch.

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Vietnam 2018 – Fiction
74 min.· DCP Color
Réalisateur : Luong Dinh Dung
Image : Pham Van Khue & Chaiyapruek Bank Chalermpornpanit
Montage : Pham Thi Hao
Montage son : Arnaud Soulier – Hoang Thu Thy
Mixage : Hoang Thu Thuy
Musique : Martynas Bialobzeskis
Producteur : Nguyen Thi THanh Huyen – Vu Thi Ngoc Diep – Ha Cong Thoan
Production : Tu Van Film Production


Nguyen Quoc Toan
Le Thuy Hien
Vu Minh Tri
Ta Xuan Tue
Tran Van Ba Truong

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