Blessed Land – 2019

Second collaboration with the young talented filmmaker, Pham Ngoc Lan. Like his previous film Another City, Blessed Land was selected at the 69th Berlinale in official competition.


A middle-aged woman and her son visit her late husband’s grave, situated in a former fishing village she hasn’t been to in decades. In the cemetery on the sandy dunes, they wander around for a long time without finding the headstone. Has her memory eroded, or has the grave been concealed somewhere underneath the green grass of the new golf courses? It’s true, for the nouveau riche, land for the living to play is better than land for the dead to rest.

Technical specs – IMDB

Fiction Vietnam – Black & White – 2019
19 minutes

Director and Writer: Pham Ngoc Lan

Cast: Minh Chau, Hoang Ha, Thuy Anh, Huy Tien, Huy Tien

DOP: Trang Cong Minh
Sound: To Hieu
Production Designer : Kelly Hoàng
Editor: Pham Thi Hao
Sound Designer – Mixer : Arnaud Soulier
Production : Ngô Đài Trang, Nghiêm Quỳnh Trang
Distributor : Some Shorts

Awards & Selections – IMDB

SeaShorts Competition, SeaShorts Film Festival 2019, Malaysia –Best Sound
 Sharjah Film Platform 2019, Sharjah Art Foundation, United Arab Emirates – Jury Award for Narrative Film

Release dates – IMDB

Poster Blessed Land

Poster Mot khu dat tot