Ulysse, wake up !

Video recording of the show called Ulysse, wake up ! performed by childrens from Lycée Français Alexandre Yersin of Hanoi. This show was performed at L’Espace (French cultural center of Hanoi) in June 2014. For this video recording i used 4 cameras Sony Z7, one recorder Sound Devices 788T, one recorder Edirol R4 with pre-amps Wendt, one spair Neumann KM185, one spair Oktava MK012, one microphone stéréo Rode T4.



Modern version of Ulysse.


Technical specs

Video recording – HDV – 1h23′ – 2014
Director : Arnaud Soulier
Production : Lycée français Alexandre Yersin d’Hanoi
Cameras : Arnaud Soulier, Swann Dubus, Patrick Do Dinh
Location recordist : Hoang Thu Thuy
Editing – Color grading : Arnaud Soulier

Mise en scène show : Tamara Litmanowitsch, Diana Fournier