STiMBRE Live in Paris – 2013

Photo concert STiMBRE

Concert of STiMBRE at Zèbre de Belleville in Paris

This concert was recorded with Sound Devices 664 plus the remote CL6 to have 12 tracks. I recorded with sub from mixer sound plus SHOEPS LCR in the room.

For picture, we used one Sony Z7 and two Sony HVR A1-E.

Technical specs band

Vocals : STiMBRE
Guitar : Thibault Abrial
Guitar : Justin Millot
Drums & Bass : Julien Perraudeau

Artistic Director : Gaëlle Chalton

Website :

Technical specs

Concert – 1h05 – HDV
Director : Arnaud Soulier
Production : Les films de mars
Cameramen : Laurent Hasse, Emmanuelle Le Fur, Boris Mélinand
Sound : Arnaud Soulier
Editing : Arnaud Soulier
Mixing : Julien Perraudeau

Technical resources : Les films de mars / Acrobates Films / Donuts Films / DCaudiovisuel