Another road – 2001


Une autre route

Laïd, Béru and Virginie, Sandra and Gwendal all have spent years « on the road », rough-sleeping, and want to live a different life. We wanted to film them, during two winters, to catch their daily life, ask them about their past, in order to understand what their choices mean.


Technical specs

Documentary – 66 mins – 2001 – France
Directors : Sabrina Malek and Arnaud Soulier

Producers :
Mylena Poylo – Gilles Sacuto – Valérianne Boué / TS productions

Co-Producers :  Ceméa / Arte France
Editing : Christine Benoît / Marie-Hélène Mora
Mixing : Jean-Marc Schick
Original score : Claude Valdivia


A cover version of « My way », recorderd specifically for the film « Another road ».
Dimi Dero (vocals), Jean-Luc Barranco (guitar), Marc Delhaye (bass), Rodolphe Perroquin (drums)
Recorded at Le Tremplin – Ivry/Seine, by François Brissoit, 2001.
Production : TS Productions