A modern world – 2004


In the last few years, the Chantiers de l’Atlantique, in Saint-Nazaire have set up a new management, to lower production costs. It is based on the wide use of subcontracting companies and temporary workers. While building the biggest liner in the world, Queen Mary 2, workers of the shipyards tell us how they feel about this organized job insecurity.

What are the consequences of this new management type for them, individually and collectively ?

What changes in their working conditions and relationships does it bring?

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Documentary – 1h24 – France – 2004
Directed by : Sabrina Malek and Arnaud Soulier
Production : Les films de mars / VLR Productions
Editing : Emmanuelle Legendre
Mixing : Jean-Marc Schick

Release date in France : 7 septembre 2005

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A modern world