Congo, the Paths to Consultation – 2010

Congo, les chemins de la concertation

« Congo, les chemins de la concertation » is a film with interviews of actors of ‘civilian society’ about a new cooperation process initiated in Congo in 2008. This specific process, called Programme Concerté Pluri-Acteurs (multi-actors consultation program) is designed to allow talks between French and Congolese authorities, and French and Congolese actors of NGO’s and « civilian society », to build together policies against poverty with better efficiency, centered on the real needs of populations. These interviews have been done in Brazzaville, Dolisie or Pointe-Noire. The film underlines the fact that consultation is not always easy, and its path can be long…


Technical Specs

Documentary – 38 mins – France – 2010
Director : Arnaud Soulier
Producers : Claire Agnès Lajoumard – Acrobates Films / CFSI
Camera : Pierre Stoeber
Sound : Roman Dymny
Editing : Jean-Robert Thomann