A.T Sound Studio – presentation

Arnaud Soulier – Hoang Thu Thuy

Partners for several years, Arnaud Soulier, French sound engineer and Hoang Thu Thuy, Vietnamese sound engineer, created A.T Sound Studio in 2018

This private studio allows us to work on different projects:
Fiction movies, documentary movies, animation movies, corporate movies, music and sound design as well ( Exhibition, Podcast, etc.).

Our studio is located in Hanoi Vietnam.

  • Premix 5.1 Auditorium 60 m2. Air-conditioned
  • A 2.0 sound editing room 12m2. Air-conditioned
  • An indoor relaxation area
  • Motorcycle parking


Premix 2.0 – 5.1 – ADR Recording – Music recording
Protools HD station, two screens Dell, Video projector EPSON HD, Screen 3.20m large, mixer/controler Midas 32 with DL32 box, monitoring system ADAM A7 (LCR), Yamaha MSP3 (Rear), Subwoofer.

Sound editing room

(Available from January 2023)
Protools HD station, two screens Dell, one flat monitor TV LG 60cm, monitoring system Yamaha MSP3 – 2.0.

Relaxation room

Fully fournished, table, sofa, chairs.
Room that can be used as a meeting room.
Perfect for staying focused during work…


In addition, we have entered into a partnership with the Vietnam Technical Cinema Center in Hanoi where we have access to several mixing, ADR and sound effects studios.

One auditorium 7.1 Dolby System – 150 m2
Protools HD – Mixer/controler ProControl 48 faders
Video projector Optoma – Screen 10m Large – Monitoring system JBL Cinema.

One auditorium for recording (ADR – Foley) – 100 m2
Protools HD – Mixer / Controler Sony DMX 100.
Monitoring System JBL – Microphones Neumann U87 – Neumann KMR 81