Blood Curse – 2011

This is the third full feature film by Bui Thac Chuyen, and the second time we worked together, after “Adrift”. But for me, it was the first time I’d worked in the « fantastic » genre. The shooting was difficult because of the conditions, but enthralling. We shot mainly at night, in extreme humidity. Choosing the right microphones was essential. In Asia, people tend to use the Sennheiser MKH series, because they’re sturdy and stand humidity quite well. But they don’t always sound best. In wet regions like Viet-nam, using Shoeps mikes is almost impossible, because they are too sensitive to humidity. The other option is to use Neumann microphones. I had done that for Vertiges. With care and good organization, you can use them. Silica gel packets and airtight boxes necessary ! I thus used for this film KM185 s (a little less efficient in humidity than KM150s), KMR81s and Oktava MK012s. Of course, there always was a MKH 60 at hand, to avoid problems. And Sanken COS 11s and Audio Limited DX2020s for wireless mikes. The recorder was a Sound Devices 788T. We used two RED cameras. Specifically, the genre of the film, the fantastic, requires a frequent use of the steadycam, which is rarely compatible with direct sound. Together with my assistants, to get a good sound, I had to re-record many scenes right after we’de shot them. This allowed to retain the actors enthusiasm and dynamics, because they’d just shot the scene and remembered their moves, etc. Soething we could call « live postproduction ».


Three medical students find out that the legendary « Devil’s tree », « Huyet Ngai », really exists. They decide to try and find where it is. Day after day, they will uncover its power, to heal or to kill. Behind the legend lie true scary stories.

Blood Curse

Technical specs

Fiction film, by Bui Thac Chuyen (1h35)
Viet-nam – 2011
With Nsut Than Loc, Hoang Phan Anh, Nguyen Thuy Duong, Trinh Minh Huy, Do Van Hoang, Tran Thi Hanh, NSND Nhu Quynh, Ha Van Hieu.
Directed by Bui Thac Chuyen

Script : Bui Thac Chuyen et Bui Kim Quy
Camera : Ly Thai Dung
Location recordist : Arnaud Soulier
Sound assistants and boom operators : Hoang Thu Thuy, Le Hoang Anh, Phan Trung Tien
Sound designer and mixer : Franck Desmoulins
Assistant Sound designer : Hoang Thu Thuy
Editing : Julie Beziau
Music : Dang Tue Nguyen
Production : Galaxy Studio Vietnam


Released in februar 2012 in Vietnam


Poster for the vietnamese movie's release in febuary 2012.Photogramme du film. Nguyen Thuy DuongToday, we play with toys ! ©Dang Viet DucWith Hoang Thu Thuy and Phan Trung Tien, sound assistants, we setup the trolley for today. ©Dang Viet DucDirect sound need to be flexible ! Le Hoang Anh is lying under the bed for the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucMy great strange trolley build in persplex. Very easy when you are looking for something inside !  ©Dang Viet DucLy Thai Dung, DOP, thinks about the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucBui Thac Chuyen, director, is directing the actor NSUT Thanh Loc. In Vietnam, the symbol NSUT before an actor's name it means, “actor recognized by the nation“. ©Dang Viet DucSound is ready... We are waiting for the setup of the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucConcentrated behing my trolley ©Dang Viet DucDiscussion with my friend Bui Thac Chuyen, director, regarding the sound. ©Dang Viet DucPhan Trung Tien and Le Hoang Anh, sound assistants. Between two takes. ©Dang Viet DucThe scene of the accident, just before the cable of the crane loose ... We waited 3 hours, the arrival of another biggest crane... © Dang Viet DucLy Thai Dung, DOP, thinks about the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucNguyen Thi Thu, first director assistant and Dao Duc Hai, Script on the set during a daylight ! (rare) ©Dang Viet DucLilian Tran, make up,  and Trinh Minh Huy, actor, try some special effects ! ©Dang Viet DucThe young actress Nguyen Thy Duong on the set. We can appreciate the beautiful work of Ly Thai Dung, great DOP. ©Dang Viet Duc2H AM, the french/vietnamese director,  Tran Anh Hung, comes to visit us on the set. © Dang Viet DucHoang Thu Thuy, sound assistant, concentrated before the take. ©Dang Viet DucI'm checking some settings before the shoot. Me and  Le Hoang Anh, sound assistant. In the foreground Trinh Minh Huy, actor. ©Dang Viet DucMy friend Ly Thai Dung, great DOP, sets up the light before the shot with the actor Do Van Hoang. ©Dang Viet DucLate in the night, Bui Thac Chuyen, director, and Ly Thai Dung, DOP, are thinking about the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucMy friend Phan Trung Tien, boom operator at work. ©Dang Viet DucMy friend Nguyen Dinh great gaffer, at work. This will unfortunately be the last film with him ... He pass away in a traffic accident few months after this shooting... miss him...© Dan Viet DucNguyen Dinh RIP... miss you... you was a great gaffer... ©Dang Viet DucLy Thai Dung, DOP at work. ©Dang Viet DungLe Hoang Anh and Hoang Thu Thuy, sound assistants, always joke between two takes ! ©Dang Viet DuccDiscussion with my friend Ly Thai Dung, DOP, regarding the next shot. ©Dang Viet DucPham Hong Cuong, cameraman at work with Pham Minh Duc, camera assistant. ©Dang Viet Duc