Don’t be afraid, Bi ! – 2010

It was particularly interesting for me to work on “Don’t be afraid, Bi !”. When I joined the team, the film had already been shot. Sound recording had been quite primitive, and only a tenth of the direct recordings had been kept. So my job was to rebuild the whole sound for the film. Together with Franck Desmoulins, Roman Dymny and Le Hoang Anh, we worked hard for almost four months to re-record what was needed for the film : dialogues, ambiant sounds, music, sound effects. The aim was to find a direct sound recording atmosphere again.


In Hanoi, a six year old kid, Bi, lives with his family near a playground full of mysteries : an ice factory. Comes the rainy season, and heat numbs the city. After years of silence, Bi’s grandfather, who’s seriously ill, comes back to the family. Bi and his grandfather grow a friendship, while Bi’s father backs away from the family, looking for solace in the arms of a young masseuse he fancies. Bi’s mother turns a blind eye on this relationship and transfers her affection on the grandfather. Bi’s aunt, shy and single, is overwhelmed by her attraction for for a young student. In a world of adults who suffer, silently, from their frustrated desires, young Bi starts to learn what life is about…

Affiche Bi, n'aie pas peur !Technical specs

Fiction film by Phan Đăng Di – 1h32
Vietnam – France 2010
With : Trần Tiến, Mai Châu, Nguyễn Hà Phong, Nguyễn Thị Kiều Trinh, Hoa Thúy, Phan Thành Minh, Hoàng Phương Thảo, Lê Huỳnh Anh, Thạc Kim Long, Phạm Hoàng Hà, Hoàng Tuấn Anh

Written and directed by : Phan Đăng Di
Director of photography : Phạm Quang Minh
Sound supervision : Arnaud Soulier
Sound editors : Franck Desmoulins, Roman Dymny
Sound mixing : Roman Dymny
Editing : Julie Beziau
Music : Vu Nhat Tan
Executive producer in Viet-nam : Nguyễn Hoàng Điệp, Henri Trần Anh Dũng, Dominic Scriven
Executive producer : Acrobates Films, Claire Lajoumard
Production : Acrobates films, ARTE France Cinéma, Sudest-Dongnam, Vietnam Media Corp, TR9 Film



• Semaine de la Critique – Cannes 2010 Prix SACD / Soutien ACID-CCAS
• Angers Premiers Plans 2011 Grand prix du Jury
• Stockholm IFF 2010 (Norvège) Best First Feature, Best Cinematography
• Hong Kong Asian FF 2010 (Hong-Kong) New talent Award
• Vancouver IFF 2010 (Canada) Special Mention
• California ViFF2011 (USA-Los Angeles) Grand-Jury Award
• Mediawave Gyor 2011 (Hongrie) Best cinematography award
• Festival du Cinéma Asiatique – Tours 2011 Prix du Jury



Vladivostok IFF 2010 (Russie), Haifa IFF 2010 (Israel), Oslo Films from the South 2010 (Norvège), Pusan IFF 2010 (Corée du sud), Ghent IFF 2010 (Belgique), London BFI London Film Festival 2010 (Angleterre), Hawaii IFF 2010 (USA), Mumbai IFF 2010 (Inde), Filmy Swiata 2010 (Pologne), Viennale 2010 (Autriche), Seoul Family IFF 2010 (Corée du sud), Mostra de Sao Paulo 2010 (Brésil), Los Angeles UCLA 2010 (USA), Toronto Reel Asian FF 2010 (Canada), Barcelona Alternativa IFF 2010 (Espagne), Thessaloniki Independence Days 2010 (Grèce), Rome Asiaticafilmmediale 2010 (Italie), Tallinn Black Nights 2010 (Estonie), Kerala IFF 2010 (Inde), Istanbul RV 2010 (Turquie), Festival des trois continents – Nantes 2010 (France), Palm Springs 2011 (USA), Cinequest Silicon Valley 2011 (USA), San Francisco Asian FF 2011 (USA), Bergamo Film Meeting 2011 (Italie), Prague Febiofest 2011 (République Tchèque), Fribourg IFF 2011 (Suisse), Osaka Film Meeting 2011 (Japon), Vilnius 2011 (Lettonie), Trondheim Kosmorama 2011 (Norvège), Buenos Aires BAFICI 2011 (Argentine), Canberra Cinematheque 2011 (Australie), San Francisco Vietnamese FF 2011 (USA), Seattle IFF 2011 (USA), Melbourne IFF 2011 (Australie), Lume IFF 2011 (Bresil), Calcutta IFF 2011(Inde), Kaohsiung Film Festival 2011 (Taiwan – ROC), Haus der Kulturen der Welt 2011 (Allemagne-Berlin), Festival International du film du Cambodge 2011 (Cambodge).


Poster by Marianne SmolskaPham Quang Minh, great DOP, at work. ©Phan Dang DiThe film crew at work on the Long Biên bridge in Hanoi. © Phan Dang DiRecording session in the ice factory with Franck Desmoulins (Sound editor), Roman Dymny (mixer) et Le Hoang Anh (sound assistant). © Arnaud SoulierLe Hoang Anh, sound assistant, records ambiences at gate of school. © Arnaud SoulierRoman Dymny (mixer) and Phan Dang Di (director) work at dialogues's pre-mix at the Polyson auditorium in Paris. © Arnaud Soulier
The full french crew after screening test, at the auditorium of Boulogne: Nicolas Chateau Thierry (supervision picture post-production ), Claire Agnes Lajoumard (producer), Arnaud Soulier (supervision sound post-production), Franck Desmoulins (sound editor), Phan Dang di (director), Roman Dymny (sound), Christian Lajoumard (producer), Julie Wheel (assistant sound editor).Dolby recording at studio Lebour /Polyson in Montreuil with Roman Dymny. ©Arnaud SoulierDolby Recording at studio Lebour /Polyson in Montreuil with Roman Dymny, mixer,  and Phan Dang Di, director. @ Arnaud SoulierAfter many months of hard work, the film received two awards in Cannes Festival ! Arnaud Soulier and Phan Dang Di toast with champagne in Cannes © Phạm Quang MinhPhan Dang Di, director, on the red carpet in Cannes festival. @Arnaud Soulier Photogramme du filmPhotogramme du film - Hoa ThuyPhan Dang Di, director and Nguyen Ha Phong, actor, in a front of l'Espace Saint Michel in Paris in march 2012 for the french release of the movie. ©Arnaud Soulier