J’ai oublié -2014

 First collaboration with the very talented young argentinian filmmaker Eduardo Williams. This short required a very flexible sound take set-up. In fact,  the stage-play and directing techniques the filmmaker made use of rely on long sequence-shots with great freedom left to the comedians. For this movie, entirely filmed using a GoPro camera, I used wireless sytem Audio Limited microphones with Sanken capsules and an OKTAVA MK012 stereo pair. The recording device is an Edirol R4 with a Wendt preamplifier.



Extract from FID catalog

Photogramme J'ai oublié

It’s hard to classify the films of Eduardo Williams, a young Argentinian director who, after several much noticed shorts shot in

France and in his country, sets —or rather brings— his camera in Vietnam. A cinema about sensations, about experience: the very wide angle captures in a generous gesture the life of a young man, Hoa, who is often surrounded with his group of friends. Following Hoa, busy with various odd jobs, we go from a super- market to a bar, then in a backyard, we join a motorbike ride through the streets of Hanoi, we cross bridges, go through orchards, to end up on the roofs of a disused building site. Following the little group whose trite, sometimes surprising if not weird conversation we catch snatches, Eduardo Williams shows again his interest in groups and his ability to film them. Simplicity, obviousness of the cutting, a manner of gracefully spinning around his characters, to create a cinema of freedom, won with no apparent effort, in the image of his character that nothing really seems to connect to the ground. Maybe that’s where the beauty of the film lies, and our delight in letting ourselves get involved in a sensory, casual and poetical, strange and familiar experience, in a movement that makes us discover again a certain primal amazement in front of the film. Cinema of youth, youth of the cinema. (CG)


Technical specs

Fiction – 28′ – GoPro HD

Director : Eduardo WilliamsProduction : Kazak Productions
Mise en scène Assistant : Nahuel Perez Biscayard
Camera : Eduardo Williams – Nahuel Perez Biscayard
Location recordist : Arnaud Soulier
Sound assistant : Arthur Béja – Hoang Tung
Editor : Florence Bresson
Sound editor : Claire Cahu
Mixer : Simon Apostolou



Mention spéciale – FID Marseille 2014 (France)