I opted not to buy any equipment for long feature films, but secured a deal with DCA Audiovisuel, in Paris, to rent recording equipement, which allows me to adjust the equipment used to the specific needs of each film or project.

Click on the following link for a detailed list of what’s available :

Regarding documentary or shorts feature films, I can provide the equipment below :

– Recorder multi-tracks EDIROL R4
– Recorder Sound Devices 788T + CL8 et CL9
– Pre-mixer Wendt
– Microphone KM185
– Microphones OKTAVA MK12
– Microphone Rode NT4
– Microphone Sennheiser K6P
– Microphones HF Audio Limited 2000 (DX + TX) + Sanken Cos 11
– Microphones HF Sennheiser G3 + Sanken Cos 11

Below, there should be some pictures of the gear I most often use.

Cantar X2 from AAton. FrontCantar X2 from AAtonRecorder 6+2 tracks Cantar X2 from AAton. Setup with  mixer Cantarem.Recorder 10 tracks Sound Devices 788TRecorder Sound Devices 788T back sideRecorder Sound Devices 788T input side.Recorder Sound Devices 788T outpout side.Remote CL8 for Sound Devices 788T. Portable setup for documentary.Remote Sound Devices CL9.Sound Devices 788T + remote CL9.Recorder 4 tracks Edirol R4 Pro. Need to use it with additional pre-amp.Pre-amp stereo Sound Devices. I use it as pre-amp for PCM D50 or Edirol R4.Pre-amp Wendt X2 stereo. I use it as pre-amp for PCM D50 or Edirol R4.Recorder 2 tracks Sony PCM D50Recorder 4 tracks Sound Devices 744TMixer/recorder Sound Devices 552. I use it as pre-amp for Sound Devices 744 or Edirol R4.Transmitter and receiver wireless Audio Limited diversity serial 2020 Transmitter and receiver wireless Audio Limited diversity serial 2040 Transmitter and receiver wireless Sennheiser diversity serial SK5212. Very easy for documentary. Just one battery LR6.Capsule microphone Sanken COS 11Microphone static hypercardioïd KM150Microphone shotgun Hypercardioïde KMR 81Paired microphones static Oktava MK012Microphones static Oktava MK012.Paired stereo MS Sennheiser MKH 30-40. Very easy for documentary, and especialy for hard conditions. Very résistant. Microphone stereo XY cardioïde RODE NT4Paired AB ORTF Shoeps.  Microphone CMC6 + capsules MK4Microphone static Schoeps CMC6 with capsule hypercardioïde MK41.Microphone suspension OSIX from CinelaWindjamer for microphone suspension Zephyx from CinelaMicrophone suspension Zephyx from CinelaRecorder multitracks 664 from Sound DevicesRecorder multitracks 664 from Sound Devices with remote CL6Recorder multitracks Sound Devices 664 with remote CL6, paired with mixer 442Recorder multitracks DEVA 5 from ZaxcomReceiver and transitter wireless Zaxcom QRX100 and TRX900Transmitter wireless Lectrosonics serial SMDB